ANNOUNCEMENT: The Special Use Permit has been granted! Construction of The Ridge Motorsports Park has started.
Please follow the progress at Thank you to all those who supported!


    There's now an official website for The Ridge Motorsports Park -- where you can get updates on when the track will be open and future scheduled events.

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    What is The Ridge Motorsports Park?

      The process has already started to build a world-class club motorsports park in Mason County to the benefit of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. The Ridge Motorsports Park will include a 2.5 mile road course with great elevation changes and vast run-off areas designed by world-famous automobile racer Johannes van Overbeek to challenge cars and motorcycles, as well as a separately operating four-lane quarter mile drag strip. The grounds will also include areas for pits, staging, family picnics, and on-site vehicle storage, mechanical and support services.

      The Ridge Motorsports Park will use no public money! It is projected to increase revenues of other Mason County businesses by $12 million annually, as well as provide local contracting and staffing jobs during its construction and operation.

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    Did You Know?

      Club motorsports parks are like nothing you see on television. Unlike NASCAR or NHRA stadium tracks, club motorsports parks are built for learning and honing performance driving skills -- not for hosting televised stock car or top-fuel dragster races. Participants, who usually use street-legal vehicles, outnumber spectators.

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