History and Modernization of Adjustable Beds

Shelton Airport Road Racing Course 1960 Adjustable beds first made an appearance as hospital beds. Older patients and those with back problems found it difficult to get on and off the bed. Adjustable beds made this process easier by elevating their upper body upon pressing a simple button. Once the upper body was elevated, it was much easier for these patients to stand up and get out of bed.

For many decades, adjustable beds were limited to hospitals. In the 1980s, some bed manufacturers like Craftmatic, introduced residential adjustable beds. They especially targeted older residents and it was immediately a hit. They became very popular among American homes.

After the millennium, many other bed manufacturers jumped on the adjustable bed bandwagon after seeing the market potential of these. Reverie, Serta, Ergomation, Leggett and Platt, Tempur-pedic and Sleep Number are a few of them, to name a few.

Today, there are dozens of these reclining bed manufacturers. In fact, there are even adjustable beds that can adopt the Trendelenburg position. The Glideaway elevation adjustable bed is an example reclining bed that can easily do the reverse Trendelenburg position. In this position, the head is elevated 15-30 degrees higher than the feet.

Here is a list of the best adjustable beds of modern times

  1. Sleep Number 360
  2. Tempur-perdic adjustable beds
  3. Leggett & Platt Premier series and Prodigy 2.0
  4. Reverie 9T
  5. Craftmatic Legacy

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